Stay YOU. Stand TRUE.

Sparkle Through!

We're making magic in the world,

and finding it in ourselves!

Welcome to the Unicorn Scouts, a creative leadership organization cultivating artists, innovators and change makers. Our mission is to empower, inspire and support the young and young-at-heart to make their dreams and visions into rainbow reality. We offer conscious life crafting, playful empowerment activities and a collaborative community to bring your "inner wild child" more joy, freedom, power and connection. 

When we liberate the magic in ourselves, we create it in the world. 

Starting in January 2018, we will begin our monthly membership to Planet Whimsy. Our interactive odyssey, told in a rainbow series of original new stories that also includes craft and game activities, an online community and surprise goodies. This ongoing subscription bills 1 month ahead. Join by January 10 to guarantee you're in the first starship.

Stay You. Stand True. Sparkle Through.

Join the Unicorn Scouts. 

Get YOUR FULL Rainbow
of Whimsy Magic in the Mail
Our first kit - the limited edition Full Rainbow - is your easy, fun, crafty activation into the Unicorn Scouts.
These have been lovingly hand-assembled by our co-founders & their friends. Each kit contains 8 Unicorn Mission envelopes, a cape & a rainbow horn.

Each Unicorn Mission playfully practices a magical life skill. We provide special supplies, simple instructions,  a mindful intention baked into the activity, and a bonus digital mission.

The first round of hand-crafted kits are an extremely limited edition. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come basis, until they are gone. Get yours today!


Find Sparkle Space


Make Unicorn Friends


Play Into Joy


Give Abundant Gratitude


​Express Your Truth


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Play is the way
we are Born to LIVE!

WE CAN Bring the Unicorn Scouts to You!

Make Your Own Unicorn Horn

Elliotte the Unicorn - co-founder - leading the "Make Your Own Unicorn Horn" session at Oregon Eclipse 2017.

We've brought our playful empowerment activities and conscious life crafts to thousands of families, students, parents, adults, employees, professional women and patients.

We ALL have an inner child that wants to come out and play.

Our team has created the Unicorn Nation Station at Maker's Faire Bay Area 2017 (winning Editor's Choice and Best in Class awards), East Bay Mini Maker's Faire, Lucidity Festival and Oregon Eclipse. We have also collaborated to bring activities to Urban Montessori school, West County Health Center's Stress Reduction Through the Arts, Google's #IAmRemarkable,  Enchanted Forrest Gathering and Soul Play Fall Fest. 

If you would like the Unicorn Scouts to come to your event or organization, contact us at: sparkle (at)

Meet our co-founders.

Elliotte and Liliana at East Bay Mini Maker's Faire, Oct. 2017.


Our mother-daughter co-founders are on a mission to empower mighty kids and awesome adults to free their imaginations, celebrate their magic and make their most joy-full lives. Based in the Bay Area, we've created a family-focused community of magic makers and sparkle shakers around the world.

Elliotte the Unicorn, life artist and chief unicorn officer, has been working in tech for 12+ years. A former VP of marketing and senior PR exec, Elliotte offers soul branding and strategic marketing consultations when she's not speaking, writing, dancing, whimsy-making and crafting. Her Unicorn Scout name is Rainbow Connection, and her favorite conscious life craft is making magic yarn-icorn manes.  

Liliana, president of play, turns 8 in January 2018. Her Unicorn Scouts name is Sweet Star. An avid reader of graphic novels, she's studying to be a magician, clown, aerialist. puppeteer and sculptor. She created the Unicorn Scouts Name Game, inspired the Unicorn Says game, and regularly spots unicorns in the wild.